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Vita Mens Sana (VITA) is committed to protecting the privacy of the Members, Staff and the General Public living in communities where VITA. As part of this commitment, VITA prohibits the use of any photos as displayed on the VITA Website (the “Site”), on any other websites, whether personal or commercial. VITA is also committed to protecting the privacy of its donors, supporters, employees, and other stakeholders.

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The content and data found on this Site, including images, are the property of VITA and may not be redistributed, copied, or modified, altered or used without the express prior written permission of VITA. Use of any image found on this Site, or any VITA website, linking to any VITA website or, in some other manner, framing or including any of the materials contained on any VITA website without the prior written permission of VITA is strictly prohibited. Such activity could result in legal action.

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