VITA Mens Sana

Text to Speech Voices
The Vita Rights Group is supported by two Helpers in each meeting. Helper is what the group decided to call their group facilitators. The role of the Helpers is to provide support and group facilitation so The Rights Group and its members:
  • Are able to hold meetings every two weeks.
  • Organize and lead these meetings.
  • Listen and hear each person’s opinion.
  • Create a strong voice together.
  • Think about how life could be better for people with disabilities and work on solutions to problems.
  • Decide on goals and achieve these goals together.
  • Educate people in the agency and community about what people with disabilities think and what they can do for themselves.

“It is an honour to be a Helper and to work with the Rights Group. I’ve been involved with the group since the beginning, over 5 years, and I still find every meeting I go to an inspiration. This is a group of people who really care about each other and the world. They are kind, respectful and responsible.”