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Our strategic plan serves as a road map to guide our work over several years. Characterized by a strong focus on the needs of VITA members, families and staff, our plan includes the pursuit of new partnership opportunities, establishing leading governance practices and setting the course for long-term financial sustainability. Our plan is anchored by our Mission, Vision and Values, which help focus our actions and behaviours as we work to achieve the strategic goals listed below.

Strategic Direction 1: Meet the needs of members – innovatively and cost effectively

  • The speaks to putting members first, making them partners in planning, and finding new and better ways to meet their needs.

Strategic Direction 2: Respond to the complex and diverse housing needs of our members.

  • As you know, the needs of our members are changing ad we need to explore new and innovative housing options that will continue to provide safe, secure and respectful living environment for them.

Strategic Direction 3: Ensure VITA’s financial sustainability.

  • This refers to the need to secure our future by making the most effective and efficient use of human and financial resources from exploring new avenues for funding to partnering with others to generate operational efficiencies.

Strategic Direction 4: Partner and collaborate for growth and sector leadership.

  • Working in partnership with others in the developmental and health sectors to strengthen our collective ability to meet the increasingly complex needs of individuals living with intellectual disabilities, dual diagnosis and chronic mental illness so that they can access the supports they need when they them.

Strategic Direction 5: Leadership through strong governance.

  • Strong leadership is critical to our success. We need to strengthen the influence and impact of VITA’s Board with new recruits who have the expertise, experience and courage to champion new ways of thinking to help us achieve our goals.

Strategic Direction 6: Develop robust internal processes and skills to support growth

  • We need to enable VITA employees to excel at what they do by putting the right tools, processes and systems in place to enhance communication, support skills development, and accelerate career growth and satisfaction.