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VITA’s strength has been its commitment to its mission keeping in mind a strategic vision on the values that govern our programs and services. As we continue grow, we objectively look back to assess and create a better future.
VITA’s focus has been to cater to the needs of our Members. We continue to provide the best, and most promising mental health services and supports through our flagship programs. We want to keep doing it, and help create a community that provides safety and practices respect for everyone without any discrimination.

In 2018, we were successful in receiving our first FOCUS accreditation, which is a testament of the quality of VITA’s services and the competence of our Direct Support Professionals.

That’s not to say that VITA can rest on its laurels. As we evolve, we will continue to strategize and further improve the quality of VITA operations and services through collaboration, engagement and communication with all of VITA’s stakeholders.