We know that for many people the holiday season can be a difficult time. For our Vita Mens Sana Members without family or friends to visit, it can increase feelings of loneliness and isolation.
That’s why we’ve introduced “December for a Member”. This new campaign will ensure that every Vita Mens Sana Member receives at least one gift during the holiday season.
The goal is to raise $12,350.00, which is enough to provide all of our Vita Mens Sana Members with a $50 gift card.

Just by donating $50 or more, you can help make the holiday season brighter and merrier for our Members.

Meet some of our Members

Piera loves burgers and going to McDonald’s Drive Thru for lunch. A McDonald’s gift card would be a fun surprise for her.


Joanna enjoys picking out her outfits and wearing something different every day. If she had a Walmart gift card she’d go shopping.


Joel is transitioning to another home within Vita and could use an Amazon gift card to purchase items for his new place. He likes tracking his online packages.


Russell enjoys going on outings to Tim Hortons where he orders a Jumbo Coffee and tea biscuit. A Tim Hortons gift card would be a great gift.


Choose what you want to give

Here are four Gift Cards that are popular with our Members. When you donate $50 or more, you can decide which card you would like to give. You can also include a personal message to accompany your gift if you wish.
You can choose to give a gift to one Member, 5 Members or enough gifts for all the Members in a Group Home. As a Corporate Sponsor you can help us make sure that everyone gets at least one gift to open this holiday season. Just think about all the joy and happiness your generosity will bring to a Vita Mens Sana Member.

A tax receipt will be issued with every donation.

By donating to Vita Mens Sana, you help us continue to provide support for our members and build a better, more inclusive world for individuals with Mental Health challenges.

Our members thank you for helping to make this December cheery and bright.

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