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March 30, 2020


COVID-19: Resources For Member Engagement

As a community service organization, VITA continues to focus on providing safety, practicing respect and promoting a sense of community among its members and employees. It is heartening to see how the entire sector has come together, and responded to the crisis by demonstrating their commitment to the populations that we serve.


These are unprecedented times; however, we know that by working together, collectively, we can help to stop the spread of Coronavirus.


Together, we will get through these tough times.


To the Direct Support Professionals (DSP) working the front lines and delivering services during this very difficult time, we wanted to reach out and provide information and support. But, before that we want to show our gratitude and say thank them for their commitment, and support to a vulnerable population.


To empower these DSPs, and help them with programming and service delivery, we have created resources that are exclusive to this unique situation.


Please click on the below links to access these resources. They will also provide DSPs with tools that will help them to make sure that their programming needs are met.


We will continue to update these resource folders. Let us know if you have any ideas that you would like to share with the rest of the VITA family. Please share your ideas with us at


Please note that we are not providing medical advice.


Click HERE to download resources to engage your members.


Click HERE to watch VITA’s Vodcast on Social Distancing and Member Engagement.


We want to serve this page as a resource to DSPs, while ensuring we follow the Prime Minister’s requirements for social distancing so that we can all work towards “flattening the curve”.


Once again, we want to thank VITA’s front line heroes for their professionalism, leadership and commitment.


Since VITA’s beginnings, we have been together as a family serving vulnerable sections of our communities. Rest assured, when this is over – and it will be over – we will all be stronger than ever, because WE ARE VITA.