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Volunteers and Community Support

Vita Community Living Services and Mens Sana Families for Mental Health (Vita) make life better for people living with intellectual disabilities and or mental health issues. We also provide family members with ongoing support through day, respite and crisis options. To perform those critical services, Vita depends on the generosity of our donors and volunteers. Tremendous community support has helped make Vita one of the Greater Toronto Area’s leading social service agencies.

Without community support, families and their loved ones would not get the help they need. Your contributions mean a lot to Vita, but even more to the families who rely on our services. Volunteers play a key role in Vita’s everyday operations. Thanks to the thousands of hours they so generously give, Vita is making a difference in people’s lives.

Vita’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for those living with intellectual disabilities and or mental health issues by promoting community and providing a safe and respectful environment. The generosity of our community and the compassion of our volunteers have made that mission a reality.

Vita Community Services/Mens Sana
4301 Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON
M9L 2Y3
416 749 6234 (Telephone)
416 749 1456 (Facsimile)