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Vita Community Living Services

Vita Community Living Services is an organization of people committed to serving people with intellectual disabilities with respect and dignity. We realize that we earn the trust of those in our care every day. We have attempted to create a structure that minimizes hierarchy and maximizes communication.

We have enlisted the aid of the members of Vita’s Self-Advocate group in giving feedback and offering helpful critique of our care. Our Board of Directors and our Executive Director, sees their job as supporting, not controlling, the organization. They and all of management have embraced the idea of welcoming home individuals from institutions and individuals who come to us from their family home.

We believe all individuals regardless of personal challenges should have a home and place in the community. We are here to welcome and serve, to listen with eyes and heart, to honour the trust given to us by individuals with disabilities and by their families.

Vita Community Services/Mens Sana
4301 Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON
M9L 2Y3
416 749 6234 (Telephone)
416 749 1456 (Facsimile)